Hilton Curio Botanika Resort and Nature Residences have the media believing they are breaking ground soon, when the fact of the matter is, they haven’t sold much of anything. Some people drink the cool aid, but if Hilton was so interested in developing the Osa, Why hasn’t Williams family broken ground yet. Where are the contractors Sinergo Development or Gensler Architects.

Crocodile Bay Resort wants to be the first stop for mega yachts and cabin cruiser coming out of Panama Canal. Their proposed developer Sinergo Development is called ‘ The peninsula developer extraordinaire’. Do we really want such a monstrous development in our tiny fishing village of Puerto Jimenez?

Join 60,000 people all over the world in banning travel stay at Hilton Hotels In Costa Rica. By signing our petition, you are sending your message forward to the President and CEO of Botanika Curio Collection of Boutique Hotels and Marinas.  Help us prevent Crocodile Bay Resorts from building this Hilton Botanika Hotel and from a top a dolphin breeding ground. By signing this petition. WWW.CHANGE.ORG  / #Hiltonwerebreakingupwithyou# . You are sending a strong consumer message forward.

We need YOUR help to have our voices be heard, that way Hilton can hear us and know that they can still prevent this tragedy from happening. The aquatic marine life and endangered species in this region depend on your voice, so please help us today by signing this petition.   #hiltonwerebreakingupwithyou . Contact them on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter. Add your voice to the 55,000 plus signatures. Esta petición será entregada a: send to: President of Curio Worldwide – Mark Nogal, Jacqueline Toppings and Emily Montgomery.